Free Baby Swimming Lessons


A lifetime of adventure in and out of the water

John Wallace Swim School are proud to offer FREE baby swimming lessons to children from 2 months of age through to 6 months of age. Learning to swim is a fun and healthy activity, but also an important safety measure with our close proximity to water here on the Sunshine Coast.

Our FREE infant classes are taken by highly qualified, experienced and passionate instructors. They will guide you and your baby as you go through the early stages of water familiarisation, confidence and survival. We also focus on the importance of parental/guardian education and provide helpful information for you to use at home which will only further the development of your child.

Babies have a natural reflex that helps them hold their breath underwater. This reflex generally disappears at about six months old, which is why we focus on teaching your child to hold their breath from an early age by introducing them to cue techniques and gentle water submersions. Children at this age also have better head and neck control allowing for more activities during formal swimming lessons.

Contact us today to book in for our free baby swimming lessons.