Our Programs


Babies Program

We start infant swimming lessons for children as young as 8 weeks of age. Children at 2 to 6 months old have better head and neck control allowing for more activities during formal swimming lessons. Learning to swim is a fun, healthy activity but an important safety measure as well.

Our babies program is aged based and split into 3 different groups:

 Infants РFree!

2 months old to 6 months old.

Find out more here about our Free Infant lessons 

Aqua Tots 1

6 months old to 13 months old.

Aqua Tots 2

14 months old to 24 months old (approximately).

Water Awareness Program

Our water awareness classes are specifically designed to develop a confident and independent swimmer whilst being separated by their parent/caregiver before entering our learn to swim program.


This class is focusing on transitioning the parents out of the water, focusing on independent water awareness and confidence. Minimum age for this class is 2 years depending on the ability and swimming experience. As most 2 year olds are already growing through many developmental areas, we understand that each child will have a different experience, therefore we will cater to your child’s individual needs.


General age is 2.5 years to 4 years old and is where a child is comfortable away from their parents and is ability based, focusing more on independent swimming and survival work.

Learn to Swim Program

There are 6 levels throughout our learn to swim program. Each level focuses on a certain skill and technique for each stroke to ensure that our students progress in a positive and timely manner; this also eliminates them from stagnating by continuing to incorporate new skills to each level.

Starfish Beginner

Strong independent kick without floatation aid, floating, bubbles and breathing.


Freestyle arms with good control and kick, no breathing. Comfortable and confident on front and back.

Starfish Advanced

Independent freestyle with breathing and basic backstroke.


15 metres of controlled freestyle and backstroke.


Strong and controlled freestyle and backstroke focusing on endurance & speed with basic Breaststroke kick and Butterfly techniques.


Developing timing and technique in Breaststroke & Butterfly. Freestyle turns and race dives are also in the program to help prepare them for squad.

Junior Squad

Our junior squads focus on developing more advanced techniques by introducing competitive strokes and racing skills for all 4 strokes in a squad environment. By moving into a bigger squad, our students are encouraged to become more aware of not only their own individual progression but embracing teamwork.

BARINGA Squad Development

Our Baringa squads offer a unique environment where we can focus on endurance & technique to each child. The programs are designed to suit the individual and can cater for all age groups, pending ability.